Just a note to say Hi

Hello all, this is Lori, new owner of Abstract Fiber here to tease yer senses with some yummy yarns and fiber. In the coming weeks I will be dying up your favorite colors and expand the flock so let me know what you’d like to see the most. I’ll be at Trout Lake Fiber Festival June 8-9 and at Black Sheep Gathering June 28-July 1 if you want to see yarn and fiber up close and personal.

Abstract Fiber

There’s a new dyer at Abstract Fiber! Welcome Chelsea! She’s brought some new ideas and inspirations, and new techniques. You’ve seen our palindrome Ombrè Yarns developed with Chelsea’s help, now you can have Ombrè Fiber too!  This new technique has also inspired new colorways. Colors appear in one long Ombrè along a four ounce skein. We are starting with polwarth/silk 85/15, but we aren't limited to those. The first dry skeins are available now, with more colors to come.  Web quantities are unlimited for the moment so you can order as much as you want.  Email us if you need a different fiber or a colorway you don’t see posted. 

Susan Stambaugh
Abstract Fiber Ombrés

The Ombré yarns are here!!  We are very excited to introduce yarns with long color sections, that beautifully transition from one to the next. Most are dyed in palindromes. What’s that, you say?  The yarn changes colors the same way no matter which end you start from. We put the brightest color in the middle. It means a shawl will have a bright splash of color in the center. It also means you can make matching socks by knitting from each end to the middle. We’ve dyed knitted blanks of sock yarn that unravel easily from one end. To make matching socks, simply knit to the center, then wind the rest into a ball and knit from the other end. Your knitting will look a but rumpled as you knit, but it will block out just fine. 

Susan Stambaugh